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  Book - Home Kids' experiences/1800s to present
Help other Home Kids! Get your copy at =Arrow "Home Kids". All profits go to the children of St. Agatha Services. Since publication, your book purchases have donated nearly $20,000, sorely needed funds for the children. Thank you! Contact =Arrow Nancy.
NEWS =Arrow Author Discusses the "HOME KIDS" Book
Video "Home Kids"
 Home Kids
In Loving Memory of Our Friend Lisa Thomas. "Hopefully community exposure and public awareness about this case will bring forth the long awaited Justice for Lisa and bestow some closure for Lisa's Mother Babara Thomas" -RonLugo- Video Slideshow =Arrow
NOTE: Barbara Thomas was a "Home Kids" Councelor at St Agatha in the 1970s
 Lisa Thomas

NEW      Obituary for Hector Medina Homekid, 1960s
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